Flying Gear & Personal Equipment - Page 4

Flying / Driving goggles by E.B. Meyrovitz. Race worn Brooklands 1937.

A pair of original race-worn goggles by EB Meyrovitz of Bond St London c1930s.

Nickel-plated vented adjustable frames with Sorbo-rubber cheek protection, race-worn by G.G. MacDonald during the Junior Racing Drivers Club handicap race c1937 at Brooklands.

While these have a Motor racing connection, they are very typical of goggles that would have been worn by the aviators at Brooklands in the 1930’s.

Generally they have survived very well, the rubber is still soft although a little stained. The lenses are clear. the Elastic strap has however lost all of it’s elasticity. 

All in all a very rare pair of pre war goggles that display beautifully. 

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