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Handley Page H.P.57 Halifax B.Mk.I Srs.II – Very rare solid aluminium 1:72 scale model – possible recognition model – 1.4 Kgs


From my own collection, a rare model of a rare aircraft !

This particular Halifax variant, the B.Mk.I series II was built in very small fact only 25 were completed. In appearance, it was the Merlin engine rather than the later radials, the early tail, and no mid-upper turret. When you search Halifax photos there are very few of this version.

Of the initial production variant, the Handley Page Halifax I (HP.57); 100 were ordered to Specification 32/37 in January 1938 of which 84 delivered as Mk I, comprising 50 Mk I Series 1 with 55,000 lb (24,970 kg) gross weight and 1,392 Imp gal (6,328 1) fuel in wing tanks, and just 25 x Mk I Srs 2 with 60,000 lb (27,240 kg) gross weight and pairs of Vickers 'K' guns firing through side hatches amidships,

First production Mk I flown October 11, 1940; deliveries to No 35 Squadron began November 1940 and first operational sortie flown March 10/11, 1941.

On the 12/13 th August 1941, Halifax Mk I Series II (L9530/MP:L) captained by Flt Lt Christopher Cheshire was one of two from No 76 Squadron that failed to return from Berlin. Flt Lt Cheshire survived as a prisoner of war (POW). A year later to the day his brother, Sqn Ldr Leonard Cheshire, flew his first sortie as the new CO of No 76, a position he would hold for a year.

This model is solid aluminium, and to a scale of 1:72. It weighs 1.4 Kgs, and has a wingspan of a little over 16 inches (42 cms) The airframe is in perfect condition. Described as a Recognition model when I purchased may well be......but I can't actually 100% guarantee it... The paint finish is newish but obviously professionally done. I am not aware of any regular British ID models of this period being made in was far too valuable a material....but I DO know that some ID models were being produce to 1:72 scale in the Netherlands at this period.....If that IS the case, this is a very rare item indeed.

Failing is still a stunning and impressive model of a very rare Halifax variant !

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Vought SB2U Vindicator (Royal Navy Chesapeake) – VERY RARE & Early 1:48 Aircraft Recognition Model – International Model Aircraft (FROG)

A VERY rare 1:48 scale Aircraft Recognition model from early war period c.1940. Although the standard British scale was 1:72, a few models were made for the War Office in 1:48 scale, by the model company International Model Aircraft Ltd. (better known as FROG) Also, rather unusually, they were paint finished ! In my own collection, I also have a Blenheim Mk.I and a Defiant.

The Vought SB2U Vindicator was an American carrier-based dive bomber developed for the United States Navy in the 1930s, the first monoplane in this role.

France had placed an order for 50 in March 1940, with delivery planned from March 1941. Following the fall of France, this order was taken over by the British government for use by the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm, who named the aircraft the Chesapeake. Fourteen Chesapeakes were used to equip a reformed 811 Naval Air Squadron on 14 th July 1941 at RNAS Lee-on-Solent. The squadron, whose crews referred to it as the "cheesecake", intended to use them for anti-submarine patrols, and they were earmarked for the escort carrier HMS Archer.

By the end of October that year, it had been decided that the Chesapeakes were underpowered for the planned duties and would not be able to lift a sensible payload from the small escort carriers. Accordingly, they were withdrawn from 811 Squadron in November 1941 for use as training aircraft and the unit was re-equipped with the biplane Fairey Swordfish.

To 1/48 scale, the wingspan is 10.25 inches (27 cms) the airframe is complete and undamaged, the prop is metal, the paintwork is all original and un-restored, and it still has it's “INTERNATIONAL MODEL AIRCRAFT Ltd. MERTON SW 19” gold label.

Displays beautifully for its age and rarity,

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FIAT G.91 – 1960 Aircraft Recognition / Spotter Model - Near Mint / Boxed US Gov. RARE

They don't come in much better condition than this ! A dated (October 1960) Cold War period recognition/spotter model of the classic FIAT G.91.

The Fiat G .91 was an Italian jet fighter aircraft designed and built by Fiat Aviazione, which later merged into Aeritalia. The G.91 entered into operational service with the Italian Air Force in 1961, and with the West German Luftwaffe in the following year. Various other nations adopted it, such as the Portuguese Air Force, who made extensive use of the type during the Portuguese Colonial War in Africa. The G.91 enjoyed a long service life that extended over 35 years.

Following the problems with WW2 ID Models made in the old cellulose acetate, a new compound Cellulose Acetate Butyrate was used.....this model is therefore stable and will not warp !

It was manufactured by Setco Div. Schneider Eng. & Tool Co. in L.A. California, and the model is clearly dated Cotober 1960. It is still in it's original issue box, with all flaps and supports present....together with the original label & serial numbers. The model itself is in excellent condition, and is dated and marked “US PROPERTY”

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