1:200 Scale Models

Introduction to 1:200 scale Pro-built metal model Collection 

1:200 scale is fast becoming the fashionable collecting scale for the 21 st Century. You only have to look on line to see the mass produced models of manufacturers such as Herpa, Gemini and Hogan to see the growing range of aircraft (Mostly civilian) available. I am always surprised to see the high prices of these mass produced models, usually made in the Far east.

Just as the 1930's Skybirds, Frog Penguin and Recognition Models made 1:72 a standard scale for model aircraft, so 1:200 had it's roots in the late 1930's and WW2.

The German Manufacturer Wiking chose 1:200 scale for its Aircraft Recognition Models for the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe...the theory was that a model of this size held at arms length would approximate to the size of the real thing in engagement.

After WW2, Wiking again produced some of these models which became popular in the 1950's. When the 60's came along, enterprising souls began to recast, paint and finish these plain unpainted models.....and some experienced modellers began to make, mould and cast their own.

One of the pioneers in later years was Dennis Knight and Helmet Models.

We have managed to acquire some 250 of these original highly detailed models....NON are mass produced...all are “one-offs”

Some will become available over the coming months.......WATCH THIS SPACE !