The items shown here reflect my own lifelong passion for all things Aviation, an interest that started in childhood in the Fifties.

Because my father was heavily involved with the aircraft industry, I was lucky enough to spend school holidays on sales trips with him visiting A.V.Roe’s, Fairey, Bristol Aeroplane, Westlands, Hawker Siddeley, BAC etc. Due to his involvement, I was also able to attend the Trade Days at Farnborough Airshow from 1955 (age 3!) to 1966, and have many memories of some of the great British Aircraft of the time, the SR53, Fairey Delta 2, Boulton Paul 111, protoype Harrier (P.1127) Lightning (P.1A) and such sites as the scarmbling of 4 Vulcans (with attending Victors) and the memorable time when the Black Arrows looped 22 Hunters......and the memories go on !


Welcome to the Aviation Collectables Worldwide website. I hope you will enjoy browsing through a diverse collection of various items of memorabilia which capture the very essence of aviation history..... from the early days of flight up to the recent present

My original “collection” consisted of old WW2 Recognition models (then VERY easily obtained!) and pre-war Dinky Aircraft handed down from relatives.

Most of the memorable years of my teens was spent in the A.T.C, visiting various RAF Stations both in UK and Germany, and culminating in obtaining my Pilot’s Licence in 1969.....courtesy of the RAF.

Recent years have been spent forming great friendships with others from all over the World with similar passions. I started trading on eBay 14 years ago...... as a vehicle for both growing my own collection, and moving on items for disposal to other enthusiasts. This Website is the natural conclusion for me for the older and rarer items. I will continue to list on eBay, but that will now be confined to the more common bits and pieces......You will not find currently or mass produced die cast items or models here !

With thanks to my good mate John Dibbs without whom I could have not had close encounters with the Blenheim ! 

And special thanks this year to Rick Mayall for his encouragement in my quest to get my Licence back !!!